Law services

Law Office Bećirić engages in advocating primarily in the domain of criminal law in front of courts, prosecutors‘ offices, police and other state authorities, representing both defendants and injured parties. Knowledge of the matter, years of experience and a correct and honest relationship with our clients are the qualities of our business. The cases we engage in are among criminal acts against the person, family, property, public transport, human rights and freedoms, and criminal acts in economy, intelectual property, high-tech crime and legal traffic. We also deal with the specific forms of criminal acts in the domain of organized crime, representing minors etc.

Besides that, individually and in cooperation with the Law Office “Milovanović and partners“, we engage in resolving our clients‘ problems and giving consulting services to both physical and legal entities in all judicial and administrative cases, including lawsuits and extra-judicial proceedings, corporate and labour law.

Our priorities are proffessional relationship with clients, based on respect, discretion and trust, understanding and analysis of their needs and finding the best solution as soon as possible.

Law team

Denis Bećirić
Attorney at law
Graduated at the University of Belgrade. From 2002 to 2015 worked as a judge. Member of the Bar Associaton of Belgrade since March 2015.
Jovan Bećirić
Student at Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.